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OC Interview
Tagged by PipzyPop 
Rules are simple:
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. 
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
(Im assuming when you ment Bassy you ment my Character Juriko who the venommyo belongs to XD, Bassy isnt a character as it is my nickname xD)
Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Juriko: Well my name's Juriko...i dont really have a nickname, i get called Succubus alot..
Sagan:...My Birth name is Sagan but i never knew it for years until i met my brothers and sister..I normally go by Myo, It was a generic name to call me but it stuck
Cool! What's your current age?
Juriko: Im 24 as of October last year
Sagan: age...? I....I dont know....Im a Mega?
What's your favorite food?
Juriko: I really enjoy a variaty of beef and lamb, mostly the leaner cuts
Sagan: I really like what ever Laser cooks...but i guess my favorite is the roundish meat piece called a Roast beef?
:iconbassy-bass:Bassy-Bass 1 2
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to do list

~Digimon Adopts
~Pokemon Adopts
~RP group
~Star Lemon Quartz
~Star Rose Quartz
~Star Moonstone




Waiting on:

-makuramon deva line (paid)
-cornflake icon (paid)
-cornflake mini ref *joltik and galvantula forms* (paid)

-"dont touch me you filthy casual" featuring Lillie and Droto (paid)

-Majiramon deva line (paid)

:iconxombiejunky: (Paid)
- Star Ruby and Star Sapphire (paid)
- A new design for Star Garnet (paid)
- A design for Star Rose Quartz (paid)

-Finish ref of James (paid)
-Finish pic of James and Lillie (paid)

-butchiemon and janiemon (paid)


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YOUR favorite gem 

3 deviants said Lapis
2 deviants said Peridot
2 deviants said Garnet *Ruby and Sapphire included*
1 deviant said Amethyst
No deviants said Rose Quartz
No deviants said Pearl
No deviants said Jasper
No deviants said Steven




YOUR favorite gem
3 deviants said Lapis
2 deviants said Peridot
2 deviants said Garnet *Ruby and Sapphire included*
1 deviant said Amethyst
No deviants said Rose Quartz
No deviants said Pearl
No deviants said Jasper
No deviants said Steven
Who are my favorite animatronics from FNAF
3 deviants said Toy Bonnie, Mangle, Funtime Foxy, Plushtrap
No deviants said Mangle, Freddy, Foxxy, Circus Baby
No deviants said Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, Funtime Freddy, Springtrap
No deviants said Ballora, Chica, Toy Chica, Springtrap
No deviants said Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, Plush Trap, Chica
Drotomon is fulla british sass!
To my watchers
"Are we fwends? Can we be future fwends?"

OC Interview

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 21, 2017, 3:33 PM
Stolen from :iconjaymisaeki:

Rules are simple:
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here.
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".

Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Lillie: “Uhm Lillie Katherine Barrrrrrton, and my nickname may or may not be Boobs.”

Drotomon: “I go by many names that I really don’t care to go into right now. “

Cool! What's your current age?
Lillie: “28 mother fuckersssss. Yas that means I am legal. WINKITY WINK”

Drotomon: “Oh grow up Lil. Hm how old am I again? Oh thats right 691 human years.”

What's your favorite food?
Lillie: “Oh that’s an easy one yo. PIZZA FO’ LYFE!”

Drotomon: “Elecboo brand digital steak sirloin!” (Haha :iconboltonartist:)

What about your Favorite drink?
Lillie: “I do like to get krunk! BOOZEEEEEEE”

Drotomon: “I do like a good bourbon once in a while.”

Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?
Lillie: *Blushes like a over cooked beet* “Oh a tall dark and handsome someone in a purple and gold jacket” *winks awkwardly at Drotomon*

Drotomon: “You know Lil you could be a tad more subtle about our relationship. People will think you diddle a digimon.”

Lillie: “Then what would you call it big man.”

Drotomon: “We have relations when I turn human every so often.”

Lillie: *Makes kissy faces at him*

Drotomon: *Looks uncomfortable*

Say, uh... Have you kissed them?
Lillie: “More than that!“

Drotomon: “Yes we have had a bit of how’s your father”

Who's your favorite author?
Lillie: ”Pfft who reads now a days?” C:

Drotomon: “Jane Austen is quite fine read.”

Whats both of your biggest fears?
Lillie:  “Losing my ‘Babu Baby Draggy Boo Boo”

Drotomon: “Call me that again and I will show you something you’ll really be afraid of”

Lillie: “I told you mine! Spit it out you Britdramon”

Drotomon: “That is totally offensive to my culture”

Lillie: Tell meet *Whining and dragging all over Drotomon*

Drotomon: ALRIGHT! Losing you like I lost my first partner James Albin…..He was lost to the black death at age 20…Rest in Peace James…

Lillie: *eyes fill with tears* “Tell me that you love me.”

Drotomon: “Can’t we mourn the death for a second please?”

Lillie: “Yes fine” *drawing a tombstone with the name James on it and the years 1326-1346* “Rest in Peace and thank you for leaving such a great digimon for me!”

Do you have any siblings? What do they do?
Lillie: “I have Johnnyboo, Dannybab and Lanabeeb. Lana and Johnny own a stunt company together and they have many stunt men and women working for them and they get used in a lot of movies! Annnnnd Danny works as a journalist….but that happened like 5 years after he got over his dark spore incident some years back!”

Drotomon: “Poufmon, Rossomon and Wyvermon they are partnered up to Lil’s brothers and sister.”

Almost done with the interview! Who's your real hero?
Lillie: “The original tamers that paved the way for our worlds to come together in peace!”

Drotomon: “Myself”

Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?
Lillie: “Moni def with her babu bunny Fuwamon!”

Drotomon: “I guess I am quite fond of Tadamon and Fuwamon.”

Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
Lillie: “What does that mean?”

Drotomon: “I think they mean god”

Lillie: “Oooooh hm I don’t really believe in god”

Drotomon: “I have worked under Yggdrasil since I was created and he is personally MY god since he has created me with his own data”

Now, what's your worst memory?
Lillie: “Well when Rossomon almost killed Drotomon….that was pretty scary stuff”

Drotomon: “I did NOT almost die…sure he is SLIGHTLY stronger than me but I always come out on top. But yeah that was way up there on my list of things I do not want to think about”

What's your worst nightmare?
Lillie: “I uhm don’t want to lose Drotomon. He is more than my partner…he’s the love of my life. And I don’t want to lose that ever….”*looks down*

Drotomon: “…..Well I feel the same about you too Lil. I would never want to lose you either…..”

What's your lifelong dream?
Lillie: “To marry my life long love! ;v; and have a child!…maybe having a farm with lots of animals too! I would love to have my child raised on a farm! I hope that my future child has a nice partner that supports them as mine does! *stars in eyes* I would hope to have a girl! I would totally name her Abigail!”

Drotomon: *looks softly at Lillie* *whispers*I want that too*whispers* *coughs and regains composure* “I would like to turn human permanently and have a life with Lil!”

What would happen if your lifelong dream came true?
Lillie: “Well I’m sure it will come true in time! Well at least I hope so!” *Paps Droto’s claw”

Drotomon: “I’m not sure I can become human permanently but who knows someday”

Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
Lillie: “Well since Drotomon misses Britain a lot sometimes so we watch BBC and Fawlty Towers together on my big comfy couch!”

Drotomon: “The cuddles are nice I must say”

Final question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Lillie: “Well we live in New York City on Broadway so we stay there most of the time but during the summer time we visit the digital world”

Drotomon: “Yes that is very true”

We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.
:iconbassy-bass: Bassy and Venomyotismon
:iconsacredium: Moni Tadamon and Fuwamon
:iconkinggigabyte: Turbomoff
:iconboltonartist: Elecboob
:iconjaymisaeki: Cause I want you to read this! HAHA


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Piper Pandora Picaresque
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ID by me

Peridot Stamp 4 by TheMoonRaven and rose quartz stamp by catstam = Baes
Name: Lillie
Nicknames: Pipip/Piper*Pip* Picaresque
Gender: Fluid *Female Pronouns*
Sexuality: Pansexual
State: NJ
Mate: N/A
Fandoms: Digimon, Pokemon, SU,Invader Zim, Five Nights at Freddys, Undertale.
~I am a Furry.
~I suffer from Depression and I'm on the bipolar spectrum and I have OCD.
~I am Native American.
~My digimon are Drotomon and Maxiemon and Roe and Cubby
~Favorite animals are: Any breed of small monkey,foxes,lions,dachshunds,sun conures,large cats,donkeys,cows, puppies and kittens

(C) Star Ruby icon by Crystaltheglaceon2 <3 (C) Star Sapphire icon by Crystaltheglaceon2

1.James (Drotomon's human form)
2. Star Sapphire (:iconsacredium: in gem form)
3.Rose Quartz
5.Sebastian Michaelis
7.Funtime Foxxy
8.Toy Bonnie
9.Red (PkMn)

Fave Youtubers
The Angry Grandpa Show Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Rob Dyke Stamp by KuroStarSunny Markiplier Stamp by Stamp3Maker
Pewdiepie Stamp by xXShadowXx158 Cowchop Stamp by hanzno UberHaxorNova Stamp by Razorblayd
Cry stamp by xMizuOkami Good Mythical Morning stamp by smileystamps RPGMinx/MangaMinx Stamp by xDishonoredWolf

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Son - :icongaomonandlucario:
Daughter- :iconvusby:

Suicune by CreepyJellyfish(mom)
Entei by CreepyJellyfish(dad)
Raikou by CreepyJellyfish(me)

Eevee by CreepyJellyfish
Vaporeon by CreepyJellyfish Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish Umbreon by CreepyJellyfish Leafeon by CreepyJellyfish
Jolteon by CreepyJellyfish Glaceon by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Flareon by CreepyJellyfish
And remember kids "In the digital world where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average"

I'm A Hannibal Aficionado by PsychoSlaughterman


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